Ravinia College Consulting

Professional Presentations

2022                   IACAC Conference:  The 21st Century Independent Counselor: What We Share

2022                   IACAC Conference:  Eyes Wide Shut: The College Process through the Eyes of the Student

2022                   Career Exploration - Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep

2018                   Lake Forest College - The Inside Scoop on College Admissions

2018                   DePaul University - Visual and Performing Arts College Admission

2018                   Dominican University - IACAC Seminar, Ethics in College Admission

2017                   Dominican University - IACAC Seminar, Crossing the Divide between High School Counselors and Independent Consultants

2016                   Hinsdale Library – The Insider’s View of College Admissions
2014, 2015      Passion for Dance – River North Dance Company
2014,2015       Highland Park Library, Teens in Transition
2014                   Glencoe College – College on the Horizon: What 8th-11th Graders Should Know
2014                   Deerfield Library – Inside the College Admission Office
2014                   Northbrook Library – Countdown to College
2013                   Glencoe Library – Countdown to College
2013                   Deerfield Library – College Knowledge 101
2013                   Lake Park High School College Night – Majoring in the Visual and Performing Arts
2012                   IACAC Conference Panel – The Yellow Chip Athlete: We Try Harder
2010                   NACAC Conference Panel – Legislative Update and Advocacy Tools
2009,  2010     Interviewed by New York Times and Education Weekly
2009                   NACAC Webinar Panel – Advocacy for Education
2009                   NACAC Conference Panel – Education and the first 250 Days of the Obama  Administration
2009                   ILASFAA Conference Panel – Uniting Our Professions – A Discussion with High School Guidance and College Counselors
2009                   Highland Park High School Institute panel – How the Economic Crisis is Affecting Students
2007, 2008      National Louis University, Counseling Graduate Program presenter - Visual and Performing Arts College Counseling and Counseling at the

                              High School
2008                   NACAC Legislative Conference moderator - Establishing Graduate Courses in Admission Counseling and Federal Support for Early

                              Awareness and College Counseling
2008                   IACAC Conference panels - Directing Serving Your Visual and Performing Arts College-Bound Students and Sending Our Own Children to


2008                   NACAC Conference panel  - How the Candidates Stack Up on College Admission Counseling Issues
2008                   The College Board – Meeting the Needs of the Majority-Minority
2007                   NACAC Conference presenter - NACAC Acts to Support School Counselors
2006                   Interviewed by USA Today
2006                   Stevenson HS Odyssey presenter - Passion for the Arts
2005, 2006      Northwestern University Center for Talent development presenter - Transition to High School
2005                   Interviewed on WTTW Channel 11, Chicago Tonight
2005                   ACT Enrollment Planner’s Conference panel - High School Counselors Speak Out
2005                   Highland Park HS Focus on the Arts presenter - Passion for the Arts: Beyond High School
2005                   NACAC Leadership Development Institute - Consulting on Conferences
2004                   IACAC Conference presenter - Finding Your Voice, The Recommendation Letter
2003                   Director of Counseling and Student Services of Chicago – Support for Post-Hospitalization
2001                   College Board Midwest Regional Forum panel - Cultural Conflicts Affecting the  College Search
1999                   NACAC Conference panel - Square Pegs in Round Holes
1999                   Township HS District 113 Institute presenter - The Explosive Child
1997, 1998      Hillel College Fair presenter - Strategies for College Planning
1997                   NACAC Conference panel - The Balancing Act, Personal Issues and the College Search Process